USQ TAG session Fri 20 May

Exciting times for the TAG community. We’re expanding (just a little, but expanding nonetheless).

Data: The data we will be looking at is authentic suicide risk assessments and comes from psychological and psychiatric consultations where the client and clinician are talking about the client’s suicide ideation and suicide attempts.  Some TAG members may find listening to such talk distressing and may not wish to attend this session.


Room: Building B – 210.  Building B is where the School of Psychology and Counselling staff are located.  If you go in the big glass doors on level 2, walk toward the lifts, turn left and it is down the corridor on the right after my office.


Parking: I’m not sure how many of you are driving but there is limited public parking on campus.  You can park in P1 in the Psychology and Counselling Clinic car park spaces.  If there are no spaces, go around to P2 and park in the UQ Health car parking spaces.  They are after the speed bump. This is a link to the campus map


RSVP for Lunch: My HoS has kindly agreed to shout us lunch so if you are coming along on Friday please let me know by COB Wednesday so we can get this organised.


If you have any problems my phone number is below and my mobile is 0409639148. See you on Friday.


Kind Regards



below is the link for the Google Calendar notification of the event.

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AIEMCA 2016 conference, 30 Nov – 2 Dec

We are very pleased to announce that the dates for the AIEMCA 2016 conference (10th biannual) have been organised.

Australasian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (AIEMCA) Conference

Wed 30 November – Friday 2 Dec 2016


The University of Melbourne will host this year.

The call for abstracts, and for workshops and data sessions, is being organised now. Also, the website for registration will be organised in the coming weeks.

Please get abstracts ready for submission. PHD students who are using EM, CA, MCA, DP etc. are encouraged to submit an abstract.



We are very excited.

This will be a great opportunity to get in touch with other

TAG session, USQ, 13th of May, 1:30pm

Hello all,

I am very excited about the upcoming TAG meeting.
We’re heading over to USQ for the first time.

Andrea Lamont-Mills will be coordinating with me to organise data and transport.

Can we please get a show of hands regarding people travelling by car? We should be able to carpool.
For information about public transport, please see below.
Comment from Andrea Lamont-Mills about travelling to campus:
You can catch the bus just outside the railway station at the Bell St Interchange – the 515 goes to the campus – if people are using the journey planner they have to put in UQ Ipswich campus.
We are looking into parking for people. Hopefully we will be able to car pool for the USQ sessions.,152.755545,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x434b698ee6b3324c?hl=en-US


Background about USQ.

USQ has been a part of the Ipswich community since 2006, and we’re really excited to have expanded our locations into central Ipswich and continuing to grow with the region. Officially moving to the Ipswich site in January 2015 USQ Ipswich is offering degrees in Human ServicesNursing, Midwifery*, Paramedicine, Psychology and Tertiary Preparation. We look forward to developing the tertiary education opportunities in the region, building bright futures for our community.

USQ Ipswich is located in Queensland’s oldest provincial city, Ipswich, one of Queensland’s largest growth regions, just 55 minutes from the Brisbane CBD and 1 hour 15 minutes to Toowoomba.

The campus is accessible via public transport and USQ shuttle bus services travelling between Ipswich, Springfield and Toowoomba Campuses (from 2015).


USQ Ipswich Campus
11 Salisbury Road
Ipswich Qld 4305


Very exciting and innovative spread for TAG.

Transcript Analysis Group
Nathaniel Mitchell

AIEMCA google group

To all AIEMCA peoples,

Thanks to Sarah White at Macquarie, we now have an AIEMCA mail group. We are using the Google Group for communications.

Please email, or if you wish to become a member of the group. Currently, membership in AIEMCA is free, so sign up now.

We will disseminate all information about the AIEMCA conference (projected for November in Melbourne at this stage), and for the upcoming AIEMCA transcript session (still to be arranged with the different stakeholders).

Welcome to a new year of AIEMCA
Hopefully, with this new group, we can disseminate information more clearly to all stakeholders across AUS, NZ and Australasia.


CARM Macquarie Uni Workshop

Sarah White organised a great workshop. The rooms were fantastic, the catering was great (even those lemon tarts, if you managed to get one), the computer access was well organised. It went off without a hitch. Thank you Sarah.

Rein delivered a well polished presentation, discussing the CARM project, and the differences between it and CA analysis. As we were all well versed in CA practices, we had a lot of questions, but Rein managed to respond to all of them. It was a concise training workshop, focused on the potential for other analysts to become CARM affiliates and to start working in industry doing CARM workshops themselves. I am convinced that the way they produce their powerpoints makes CA more approachable for the non-specialised audiences, and the “takehome” trainables can be designed for the audiences.

I was expecting a lot of discussion about CA, CA findings and other CA related analysis. I was pleasantly surprised when that was never an issue. It was simply assumed that the CA project was well known to the participants (as it clearly was), and the workshop focused more on how to disseminate findings.

My big take home was the self-reflection. For any consultant, they need to self-reflect on what parts of their findings are relevant to each audience. Although we found something about the progressivity of talk vis-a-vis a client’s desires/project, it might not be the case that it would be a takehome message for a client. Rather, it might be that the client is better served by looking at the use of self-naming (or some other finding). That is, in order to present findings, the clients needs ought to be reflected on. I think this also goes for producing writing for journals. Is this the journal that this finding is interesting for, or should I tell them about the call-beginnings?

Overall, I really enjoyed the workshop. I especially enjoyed being in a group of people who can jargon at each other, and reciprocate accordingly. Also, I really liked the dinner, breaks, general chats, and especially the setting up of the AIEMCA mailing group.

If you want to become part of the AIEMCA mailing group, please contact:


Thanks again everyone who attended.
It was a great few days.

And for Sascha, I’m on my way home-see you soon.

CARM workshop with Dr. Rein Sikveland

This workshop is great.

Some of the main movers and shakers in CA in Australia and New Zealand are here. Both Ann Wetherall and Johanna Rendle-Short are here. The conversations are engaging. The shared understandings among the participants is great. I really like it.

I’ll take some photos and upload them later.

Get along if you’re in Sydney


Update from Dr. Sikveland re CARM workshop


Just an update from Dr Sikveland about the data:

If participants would like to work on their own data on Day 3, this can be either video or audio data, but they should have a transcript of the data available already. They could for example bring data they plan to include in future (CARM) workshops. Short clips/extracts is best.
There’s no pressure to bring own data – there’s more than enough stuff to fiddle with in the material I bring, also on Day 3. The focus of the workshop is to learn the principles of developing CARM workshops, and then work on own stuff if there’s time.

Sorry for the confusion!

See you Monday.
care of: Sarah White
I can’t wait.
see you there
Nathaniel Mitchell

Australasian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis


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