IPRA 2009 CA data sessions

For CA practicioners and those interested in developing CA skills there will be several data analysis sessions this year at IPRA 2009, July 13-17 in Melbourne.
At this stage data is being provided by Ann Weatherall, some NZ complaint resolution electrical/gas helpline data along with some classic data (likely at different sessions). Further data may be arranged for other sessions.
One session is pencilled in for 2pm on the free wednesday (15 July) to run for around 2 hours. Further sessions will be arranged. Due to venue restrictions there will be limits on the number of places in the sessions.
Contact Stuart Ekberg for information about sessions and to nominate for a place in one of sessions.
One of the sessions may also be recorded in part for placement on AIEMCA.net. Recording will be based on unanimous consent from participants.
Also keep an eye out for the EM/CA panels on the IPRA schedule.
Discussion thread for questions/updates on the data analysis sessions is now live at the AIEMCA forum