IPRA Diaries 1: Ann Weatherall

The first in our series of web diaries on Ethnmethodology/Conversation Analysis features Ann Weatherall from the University of Wellington talking to me at IPRA about conversation analysis. It is intended as a basic introduction to the ideas of conversation analysis in a condensed form.

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Also across the next month or so the membership listing for AIEMCA.net will be refreshed. To keep the list up to date if you are a part of the Australasian EM/CA community (as a scholar, research student or publishing non-scholar) let us know. Founding members will be retained in a separate listing.

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Multimodal workshop: Auckland Oct 09

The Multimodal Research Centre at Auckland University of Technology is holding a Plenary and Workshop day titled “Technologies and Multimodal Discourse” on Friday 23. October. The plenaries and workshops will be given by Theo van Leeuwen of the University of Technology, Sydney and Rodney Jones of the City University, Hong Kong. We thought that the workshops may be of interest to either yourself or to colleagues and have attached a pdf information flyer. I would be most grateful if you could please circulate this to relevant people.

If you’d like any further details, please contact Dr. Sigrid Norris, phone: +64 (0)9 921 9999 x 6262, email: sigrid.norris@aut.ac.nz. Or alternatively, the website: http://www.multimodalresearch.org. Also check out the conference flyer for more information.