To increase the visibility of Australian CA and Ethnomethodology is planning to produce publication summaries of EM/CA publications from Australasian scholars (yup that means NZ too). If you have published something in EM/CA let us know at Articles, books, book chapters etc that have been published will be posted in quarterly publication summaries.

Also across the next month or so the membership listing for will be refreshed. To keep the list up to date if you are a part of the Australasian EM/CA community (as a scholar, research student or publishing non-scholar) let us know. Founding members will be retained in a separate listing.

To be listed as an AIEMCA member please email with your name and institution (where relevant) and a link to your academic webpage (if any). Please let us know prior to 18 September 2008 after which the new listing will become live. Applications after this date will be accepted, but listing will be delayed.