Conversation Analysis Group: Melbourne

In 2009, a Conversation Analysis Group (CAG) was established by a group of PhD students at the University of Melbourne to discuss issues in transcription and analysis of talk-in-interaction. These sessions are attended by academics from across faculties at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and LaTrobe University who share an interest in conversation analysis.

Workshops are held on the last Friday of each month (4.30 – 6.00pm).

Colleagues interested in joining any session are welcome and should contact Sascha Rixon in the School of Languages & Linguistics ( or Amelia Church in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education ( for further details.

Special issue on Ethnomethodological Approaches to Communication

Carly W. Butler, Richard Fitzgerald, and
Rod Gardner

1-14   Branching out: Ethnomethodological approaches to communication

Alec McHoul

14-22   What are we doing when we analyse conversation? Keynote Address, ‘Branching Out’: The 6th Australasian Symposium on Conversation Analysis and Membership Categorisation Analysis.

Reece Plunkett

23-44  Fashioning the feasible: Categorisation and social change.

Richard Fitzgerald, William Housley, and
Carly W. Butler

45-64  Omnirelevance and interactional context.

Rod Gardner, Richard Fitzgerald, and Ilana Mushin

65-90   The underlying orderliness in turn-taking: Examples from Australian talk.

Susan Danby, Carly W. Butler, and
Michael Emmison

91-114   When ‘listeners can’t talk’: Comparing active listening in opening sequences of telephone and online counselling.

Barbara Adkins and Jason Nasarczyk

115-140   Asynchronicity and the ‘time envelope’ of online annotation: The case of the photosharing website, Flickr.


2010 PhD Project Opportunity in the School of Psychology at The University of Adelaide

The Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health will award a PhD scholarship in 2010 for a project entitled:

Understanding Men’s Health Service Needs: Analysis of Men’s Use of Telephone Health Helplines.

The Freemasons Foundation PhD scholar will receive a scholarship that is equivalent to a Faculty/Divisional PhD scholarship with an annual top up of $2,000. Candidates should have a strong undergraduate degree and experience in conversation analytic research. For further details contact the Principal Supervsior, Associate Professor Amanda LeCouteur.

For more information see the Scholarship details