Special issue on Ethnomethodological Approaches to Communication

Carly W. Butler, Richard Fitzgerald, and
Rod Gardner

1-14   Branching out: Ethnomethodological approaches to communication

Alec McHoul

14-22   What are we doing when we analyse conversation? Keynote Address, ‘Branching Out’: The 6th Australasian Symposium on Conversation Analysis and Membership Categorisation Analysis.

Reece Plunkett

23-44  Fashioning the feasible: Categorisation and social change.

Richard Fitzgerald, William Housley, and
Carly W. Butler

45-64  Omnirelevance and interactional context.

Rod Gardner, Richard Fitzgerald, and Ilana Mushin

65-90   The underlying orderliness in turn-taking: Examples from Australian talk.

Susan Danby, Carly W. Butler, and
Michael Emmison

91-114   When ‘listeners can’t talk’: Comparing active listening in opening sequences of telephone and online counselling.

Barbara Adkins and Jason Nasarczyk

115-140   Asynchronicity and the ‘time envelope’ of online annotation: The case of the photosharing website, Flickr.


2010 PhD Project Opportunity in the School of Psychology at The University of Adelaide

The Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health will award a PhD scholarship in 2010 for a project entitled:

Understanding Men’s Health Service Needs: Analysis of Men’s Use of Telephone Health Helplines.

The Freemasons Foundation PhD scholar will receive a scholarship that is equivalent to a Faculty/Divisional PhD scholarship with an annual top up of $2,000. Candidates should have a strong undergraduate degree and experience in conversation analytic research. For further details contact the Principal Supervsior, Associate Professor Amanda LeCouteur.

For more information see the Scholarship details