More archival CA: video of Max Atkinson and John Heritage on effective speaking

Claptrap a documentary featuring Max Atkinson’s demonstration of the utility of CA , applying the results of the analysis of speeches to training a speaker to deliver the most effective speaking devices is now online in Archival content.
This video also features John Heritage speaking on which devices might prove more effective.
For more on this and how Max has gone on with this work check out Max’s Blog or add him on twitter.

Conference Diaries 2010 – Dennis Day at the International Communication Association Conference

The first in the 2010 series of ethnomethodology, CA and DP diaries introducing basic topics and research in ethno/CA research to a wider audience.
Assistant Proffessor Dennis Day from the University of Southern Denmark talking about interaction research with the communication handicapped, and using ethnomethodology in the participatory design of workplaces.