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In a whirlwind of activity for AIEMCA I’ve re-added the CA in sydney web-page and uploaded a new thesis by Nikos Bozatsis. “Greek National Identity in Talk: The rhetorical articulation of an ideological dilemma.”


Finally a reminder about the TAG session in Brisbane in May.

Please let Dr Jess Harris ( know if you are interested in attending the full-day TAG seminar on Friday 18 May. Presentations will be given by Assoc. Professor Ann Weatherall (Victoria University of Wellington) and Dr Amanda Bateman (The University of Waikato). During the afternoon, we will hold a range of data sessions.

When sending your expression of interest, please also include any dietary requirements.


CA in sydney

Conversation Analysis in Sydney (CAIS) is a group of Sydney-based researchers who meet monthly for data sessions and discussion of methods. We come from a range disciplines and backgrounds but share a common interest in CA. Researchers of all levels, from students to academics, are welcome to come along and join us.

For more information, please refer to our website at To join our mailing list, contact us at

New thesis and a brief update

A new thesis entitled “In the Gulf Between Prejudice and Culture: Talking the Experience of Western Expatriates in the Middle East” by Kevin McKenzie has been added to the thesis repository at

Also there has been an unfortunate technical glitch which has deleted roughly a years worth of posts. All of AIEMCA’s featured videos are still available on our youtube channel at However some theses have vanished into the ether, these will be progressively replaced in the coming days.

Finally do please send me any updates about EM, CA or DP events, Calls for papers, Jobs or whatnot as this blog has a good reach via our Facebook following. If you haven’t added us on Facebook do so immediately – Email me at or via my University email (available, and safe from spam at

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Brisbane TAG Symposium May 18 2012

Preparations are underway for a one-day seminar on May 18 and we are seeking expressions of interest for data sessions and RSVPs from those interested in attending.

Assoc. Prof. Ann Weatherall (Victoria University of Wellington) and Dr Amanda Bateman (University of Waikato) will be presenting some of their work in the morning session.

The current plan is to run a few parallel data sessions during the afternoon and we invite any of you who would like to provide some data to get in contact with us. Ultimately, it would be great to have at least three data sessions running throughout the afternoon with different areas of focus.

A nominal fee of around $20 /person will be charged for the day to cover the cost of catering.

When sending through your RSVP or expression of interest for a data session, please also let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements.


RSVP to Jess Harris j.harris2 at