AIEMCA AJC Special Issue

Knowledge and Asymmetries in Action

Edited by Sean RintelEdward Reynolds, and Richard Fitzgerald

AJC 40(2) CoverAnnouncing the publication of a Special Issue of Australian Journal of Communication 40 (2): Selected papers from the 2012 Biennial Conference of the Australasian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis.

The issue also includes a memoriam for Mark Rapley, one of the founders of AIEMCA, by Alec McHoul.

For the first time, AJC also has two features of interest for the EM/CA/MCA and wider discourse analysis and linguistics communities.

  • First, the issue is offered online with totally free open access.
  • Second, several papers include embedded video or audio of interaction, linked to transcripts. This allows research to move away from the limitations of traditional print publication of short text-only transcripts and limited greyscale photographs and closer towards the fields’ ideal of fully inspectable data.

We thank all the contributors to the issue and those who presented at and attended the conference.

Table of Contents


Editorial: Knowledge and asymmetries in action: Proceedings of the 2012 Conference of the Australasian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis PDF HTML
Sean Rintel, Edward Reynolds, Richard Fitzgerald
 In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Mark Rapley, 1962–2012 PDF HTML
Alec McHoul
Invited Articles
‘Epistemic engine’ versus ‘role-play method’: Divergent trajectories in contemporary conversation analysis PDF HTML
Michael Emmison
Asymmetries in legal practice, asymmetries in analysis? Recent ethnographies influenced by the studies of work tradition PDF HTML
Max Travers
Peer-Reviewed Articles
Asymmetries of knowledge between children and teachers on a New Zealand bush walk PDF HTML
Amanda Bateman, Jane Waters
Doing collaborative reflection in the professional experience PDF HTML
Jess Harris, Paula Jervis-Tracey, Jayne Keogh
Establishing a pattern of dual receptive language alternation: Insights from a series of successive haircuts PDF HTML
Tim Greer
Teachers telling: Informings in an early years classroom PDF HTML
Rod Gardner, Ilana Mushin
Talk in activity during young children’s use of digital technologies at home PDF HTML
Susan Danby, Christina Davidson, Maryanne Theobald, Brooke Scriven, Charlotte Cobb-Moore, Sandra Houen, Sandra Grant, Lisa M. Given, Karen Thorpe
From lifeguard to bitch: How a story character becomes a promiscuous category in a couple’s video call PDF HTML
Richard Fitzgerald, Sean Rintel
 Keys And Glossaries
Transcription Key PDF