9th AIEMCA conference, The University of Waikato. update and information

Some information has come to hand for all presenters and attendees at the 9th AIEMCA conference, held at by The University of Waikato on Thursday 20 November and Friday 21 November, 2014.

for presenters:
If you are making handouts etc:
approximately 35 people are in attendance this year (potentially a few more at the door). Around 35 copies of any handouts be made.

For all attendees:
For drop off and collection point at the University of Waikato:
It will be best to get picked up and dropped off at Gate 4 Hillcrest Road, as that takes you right outside the conference room. It is the closest Gate.

University Waikato map

Please note, the map above is PDF format

Care of

Dr Amanda Bateman
Conference organizer


To all attendees and presenters,

Have a great time at the conference
It is currently 42 degrees in Brisbane. I want to be where you are.

Nathaniel Mitchell
TAG secretary
AIEMCA blogger