CARM Macquarie Uni Workshop

Sarah White organised a great workshop. The rooms were fantastic, the catering was great (even those lemon tarts, if you managed to get one), the computer access was well organised. It went off without a hitch. Thank you Sarah.

Rein delivered a well polished presentation, discussing the CARM project, and the differences between it and CA analysis. As we were all well versed in CA practices, we had a lot of questions, but Rein managed to respond to all of them. It was a concise training workshop, focused on the potential for other analysts to become CARM affiliates and to start working in industry doing CARM workshops themselves. I am convinced that the way they produce their powerpoints makes CA more approachable for the non-specialised audiences, and the “takehome” trainables can be designed for the audiences.

I was expecting a lot of discussion about CA, CA findings and other CA related analysis. I was pleasantly surprised when that was never an issue. It was simply assumed that the CA project was well known to the participants (as it clearly was), and the workshop focused more on how to disseminate findings.

My big take home was the self-reflection. For any consultant, they need to self-reflect on what parts of their findings are relevant to each audience. Although we found something about the progressivity of talk vis-a-vis a client’s desires/project, it might not be the case that it would be a takehome message for a client. Rather, it might be that the client is better served by looking at the use of self-naming (or some other finding). That is, in order to present findings, the clients needs ought to be reflected on. I think this also goes for producing writing for journals. Is this the journal that this finding is interesting for, or should I tell them about the call-beginnings?

Overall, I really enjoyed the workshop. I especially enjoyed being in a group of people who can jargon at each other, and reciprocate accordingly. Also, I really liked the dinner, breaks, general chats, and especially the setting up of the AIEMCA mailing group.

If you want to become part of the AIEMCA mailing group, please contact:


Thanks again everyone who attended.
It was a great few days.

And for Sascha, I’m on my way home-see you soon.