2017 TAG symposium

We have a symposium coming up on the 23rd of June.
I’ve put up a page for it under conferences
Please RSVP as we’re going to need numbers

2017 TAG Symposium 23rd June, QUT Kelvin Grove.

Let me summarise what we have so far regarding the upcoming symposium.
Please RSVP to: Transcript Analysis Group EM MCA CA <transcriptanalysisgroup@gmail.com>
Some details are still to be ironed out, but here is the run down at the moment (24-4-17)

23rd June. whole day
QUT Kelvin Grove, A330 for the symposium from 8.30 to 4.30pm
3 main sessions (morning, after lunch, late session)
it’s possible that the first session will begin at 9-9:30 to allow for lunch and other sessions.

QUT (though this is still in the midst of being organised and my need some adjustment)


except that there has been a series of interested parties suggesting that the CAke off was lots of fun (Ruth Parry winning with her Adjacency Pear CAke).

Action Ascription
Problems with describing actions and activities in interaction

readings for the day
John Heritage, (2013), “Action formation and its epistemic (and other) backgrounds”, Discourse Studies, vol. 15, no. 5, pp. 551–578.

Stephen C. Levinson, (2012), “Action formation and ascription”, In The Handbook of Conversation Analysis (Jack Sidnell, Tanya Stivers, eds.), Oxford, U.K., Wiley-Blackwell, no. 103-130.

and what
Schegloff (2007 – the sequence org book) and
Levinson (2013 – the CA Handbook) refer to as ‘interactional projects’

two data sessions with an action ascription discussion in the middle session

session 1: special guest data session from Lim Ni Eng (Asst Prof). He has mentioned that he has some “fresh off the press” medical data that he could present (Singapore-styled English).

session 2: People who have offered data include Stuart Ekberg, Rod Gardner and Emma Tennant.

session 3:
Data session 3 to be filled (possible that Lim Ni Eng may change to this session due to his transport requirements)

Post session:
The Menagerie
If people would like, perhaps we could head down to the menagerie afterwards for some nice drinks.

Transcript Analysis Group EM MCA CA transcriptanalysisgroup@gmail.com