Gail Jefferson archive

cksHello AIEMCA,

I received an email from Richard Fitzgerald who has just been to the Sacks archive. He mentioned the following:


While hanging out in the Sacks archive we learned that the Gail Jefferson Archive has just be been completed and is held at UCLA. It is open to the public but the list of items and boxes has not been uploaded and so not searchable as yet through the UCLA library.  However, we do have two pdf’s of the archive Boxes and these are public. (as in, the library is happy for these to be made available)
The archive consists of 36 Boxes, the details of the archive are: 
Gail Jefferson Papers (Collection 2319). Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA.
I will attach the two PDF’s to this blog post.
This is exciting. Anyone who is venturing to UCLA anytime, take a look at these archives. From what Richard suggested about the Sacks archive (Melbourne, 2016 presentation at Melbourne University), take a week or so and appreciate the volume of material that is there.
Happy transcribing
Nathaniel Mitchell