Chats with Galina, Alexa and Jonathan

We (Brisbanites) were lucky enough to have Galina Bolden, Alexa Hepburn and Jonathan Potter in town a little while ago. They presented an introductory CA course (brilliant and informative in my opinion).

At that time, I took a leaf out of Ed’s book and asked if I could interview them.
They accepted.
I have been able to upload their interviews here on the page, and will link to them below:

Galina Bolden
Alexa Hepburn
Jonathan Potter

Thank you to all 3 of you for your patience.

All errors (including the apostrophe) are my own.
(to be honest, the apostrophe wasn’t me but a friend who moved away from my Uni. I kept the apostrophe as a tribute to him).

Thanks everyone

Nathaniel Mitchell