2014 Program

We are pleased to offer you the conference program book (PDF Download). It includes general information about registration, venues, transport and more. There is also a conference schedule and abstracts for each presentation. Alternatively, you can also download just the conference schedule as a separate file (PDF Download).

We have also provided a supplementary campus map you can download for your convenience.


Associate Professor Ann Weatherall
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

“Intersubjectivity in interaction”


Rod-GardnerAssociate Professor Rod Gardner
Griffith University, Australia

“The trouble with CA is….”


Dr Richard Fitzgerald
co-authored with Dr Sean Rintel
University of Queensland, Australia


Additional data sessions

This year we are running additional data meetings that are specific to areas of conversation analytic research. At the moment we are offering two specialised sessions. However, we  will update as more sessions become available – so make sure you check back at a later date.

  ‘Early years’ data session

This year we warmly invite you to participate in an additional meeting for those interest in, or already engaging in, research involving young children and conversation analysis. This special interest group is being organised in response to the growing interest in research with young children within the field of conversation analysis.

If you would like to share data for an early years data session, or just come along to meet others working in this specific area of conversation analysis, then please join us on Wednesday November 19th at 1pm in the McLaren Room at the University of Waikato.

Please contact Amanda Bateman to register your interest and for catering purposes.  

Health helpline data session

Attendees of the 2014 AIEMCA conference are invited to attend an additional data session for those interested in research involving telephone helpline interaction and conversation analysis. This session will be an opportunity to examine institutional discourse in the context of an Australian health helpline. If you would like to participate or share data for this session, then please join us on the 1st day of the conference, Thursday 20th November, at lunchtime (12 noon) in the McLaren room opposite the main conference room at the University of Waikato.

Please contact Stefanie Lopriore (stefanie.lopriore@adelaide.edu.au) to register your interest and for catering purposes.




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