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Updated members pages and new events

The members page has been updated the inactive members have been removed and some new faces have been added. If you have been taken off in error, or you are new Australasian academic or research student please let us know at and we can add your name to the list. There is no cost to join and all we need is your website address (academic preferably, but a simple bio website will do). Research students are encouraged to join.

Some upcoming conferences, the International Sociology Association World Congress, July 11-17, 2010 in Gothenburg Sweden and the International Communication Association Conference in Singapore June 22-26, 2010 in Singapore. Both are expected to include significant EM/CA contributions, submissions for each close soon so check the websites and book your flights!

Multimodal workshop: Auckland Oct 09

The Multimodal Research Centre at Auckland University of Technology is holding a Plenary and Workshop day titled “Technologies and Multimodal Discourse” on Friday 23. October. The plenaries and workshops will be given by Theo van Leeuwen of the University of Technology, Sydney and Rodney Jones of the City University, Hong Kong. We thought that the workshops may be of interest to either yourself or to colleagues and have attached a pdf information flyer. I would be most grateful if you could please circulate this to relevant people.

If you’d like any further details, please contact Dr. Sigrid Norris, phone: +64 (0)9 921 9999 x 6262, email: Or alternatively, the website: Also check out the conference flyer for more information.

Program for DAG Day 24 July

The final program for the DAG canberra Data Analysis Workshop is online now.

The session will be held in e2.12, the usual room for DAG workshops at 9am on the 24th of July. Email Johanna Rendle-Short if you have any questions about the program.

The sessions are open to anyone interested in CA at any level of experience and usually range of levels including students new to CA through to experienced academics in the field. If your curious about picking up some CA skills in a supportive and friendly environment this day would be ideal.

DAG DAY – Canberra 24 July 2009

Rolling on from IPRA 2009 the Canberra Discourse Analysis Group will be having CA data analysis and presentations on the 24th of July. Ray Wilkinson will be presenting some data of aphasic interaction.Pentti Haddington will be presenting analysis of car interactions and Maurice Nevile and Johanna-Rendle short will also be presenting on their current projects.
There will also be a small gathering afterwards to celebrate the release of the AIEMCA website, demonstrating the audiovisual content from IPRA.
Keep an eye on the Announcements Forum for information on the Day.

IPRA 2009 CA data sessions

For CA practicioners and those interested in developing CA skills there will be several data analysis sessions this year at IPRA 2009, July 13-17 in Melbourne.
At this stage data is being provided by Ann Weatherall, some NZ complaint resolution electrical/gas helpline data along with some classic data (likely at different sessions). Further data may be arranged for other sessions.
One session is pencilled in for 2pm on the free wednesday (15 July) to run for around 2 hours. Further sessions will be arranged. Due to venue restrictions there will be limits on the number of places in the sessions.
Contact Stuart Ekberg for information about sessions and to nominate for a place in one of sessions.
One of the sessions may also be recorded in part for placement on Recording will be based on unanimous consent from participants.
Also keep an eye out for the EM/CA panels on the IPRA schedule.
Discussion thread for questions/updates on the data analysis sessions is now live at the AIEMCA forum