Wellington WIDA (Wellington Interactional Discourse Analysis goup)

The Wellington Interaction and Discourse Analysis (WIDA) group is a collaboration of faculty and postgraduate students from the University of Otago University, Wellington (School of Medicine & Health Sciences) and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. (University Otago New Zealand; Victoria University of Wellington)

Our data sessions have a particular focus on interactions between institutional representatives and members of the public, and most involve either healthcare encounters or telephone helplines. However, we have examined data as diverse as conversations between schoolchildren about use of social media, one-to-one instruction in a nanotechnology lab and interviews with refugees and community support workers.

Our regular meeting slot is 4pm (GMT+11 – GMT+13) on the second Thursday of the month at the University of Otago in Newtown, Wellington. Non-Wellingtonians are welcome to join us via a Zoom link.
For further information, please contact Isobel Ross at isobelaross@gmail.com.

Australasian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

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