23rd September, data and discussion day

(please forward this onto anyone interested in CA, MCA, EM, DA, interactional pragmatics etc.)

I am posting this to inform you all of the special event on the 23rd of September.

There will be a series of data sessions (2) and a discussion panel as well. We will make these available via ZOOM (a web-based meeting program) so you can link in from different sites.
If there are several people near you that are interested in ZOOM-ing in, please contact me (nathaniel.mitchell@griffithuni.edu.au) or the Transcript analysis group (respond to this email) so we can organise things (email out transcripts etc.)

Susan has kindly offered QUT as the source site. That means that we can run data sessions through b426 (the normal room, I think that’s the number). If you’re nearby, you’re welcome to attend at that venue.

We have checked to see if ZOOM works (last TAG) and it seems quite stable, but there are some microphone issues. We will try to rectify this with a better microphone. But, if you are having trouble hearing the talk at times, please be sure to use headphones.

We are proposing that we run like this:

Data Session (10-11:30) Ann or Emma

Discussion session (12:30-2) Rod

Data Session (2:30-4) Ann or Emma
(Please note, these are Brisbane times)

The data discussion will be centred around the recent “Epistemic Challenge” from Discourse Studies. Here is a short abstract from Rod Gardner:

I’m sure some of you have seen (and even read) the recent papers published online in Discourse Studies, by Doug Macbeth, Michael Lynch, Jean Wong among others. They raise some what I think are crucial questions about the ‘Epistemic Program’ in CA. It made me think that we could have a special TAG session to discuss the papers.

If you go to the DS website, search for authors: Michael Lynch, Douglas Macbeth, Oskar Lindwall and Jacob Steensig, and you should find the papers. They have all been published in the last issue of Discourse Studies, so they’re ready for you to access.
This discussion session will be specifically oriented to these papers and the issues they raise.
Please access the papers through your Library’s database, and bring your ideas to the discussion on the 23rd Sept.
I will be at the event so I should be able to help with technical difficulties.

Nathaniel Mitchell
on behalf of
Transcript Analysis Group

AIEMCA data and discussion day

September the 23rd. All day, 3 sessions, 2 data sessions, 1 reading/discussion session.
AIEMCA data symposium.
“Sharing Noticings”

I am excited to announce the upcomming data symposium, facilitated through the TAG group in Brisbane, with thanks to QUT for hosting, and academics and students from Griffith Uni, UQ, and USQ as members of the TAG community.

This event is being designed to open the space for data sessions within and across AIEMCA. The purpose is to hold a series of 3 data sessions, and to make those data sessions available to multiple participants in multiple locations. If successful, AIEMCA data symposia will become a mainstay for the communities involved.

The event will be held at QUT Kelvin Grove as a base of operations, but Zoom meetings will be used to facilitate multiple users over multiple sites. It is hoped that University and private sites will collectively ‘group chat’ to facilitate the data sessions. Moderators and scribes are needed for each site that comes onboard.

If there are any University sites able to book conference style rooms, for multiple participants, please contact Nathaniel Mitchell (nathaniel.mitchell@griffithuni.edu.au). We

The 3 data sessions are planned to each be 1.5 hrs (1hr for collaborative discussions, 30 mins for sharing between sites). Hopefully, a scribe for each site will email the duscussion notes to Nathaniel for later disemination.

Additionally, Rod Gardener would like to hold a reading discussion (based on the recent Discourse and Society special edition critically investigating the epistemic approach). Please acquire these publications through your normal sources (your library or subscription platform).

The symposium is open for PhD and undergraduate students. It is hoped that some discussion could be facilitated at the different Uni sites (to be organised) and that some discussion (within logistic limits) can be conducted between sites.

This data Symposium will also urge people to attend the AIEMCA conference in Melbourne in Nov-Dec 2016. Hope to meet you all there

Please contact nathaniel.mitchell@griffithuni.edu.au to indicate interest, or availability of a sharing site.

Thank you
On behalf of

Australasian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

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