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2010 PhD Project Opportunity in the School of Psychology at The University of Adelaide

The Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health will award a PhD scholarship in 2010 for a project entitled:

Understanding Men’s Health Service Needs: Analysis of Men’s Use of Telephone Health Helplines.

The Freemasons Foundation PhD scholar will receive a scholarship that is equivalent to a Faculty/Divisional PhD scholarship with an annual top up of $2,000. Candidates should have a strong undergraduate degree and experience in conversation analytic research. For further details contact the Principal Supervsior, Associate Professor Amanda LeCouteur.

For more information see the Scholarship details

Possible phd studentship

Diamantina Institute are looking for expressions of interest for a PhD (CA,EM,MCA) to be part of a project which is getting together to examine science work – or the work of scientists.

We have access to a major research institute who are more than keen to have social science researchers look at what they do. This could be a fantastic opportunity for some really good emca work, so at this stage we need to put things in place. So we are informally scouting for someone who is eligible for an APA studentship (they would need to go through the application to UQ) to be part of the project. Attached is a short description of what it is we are looking for.